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En se article pornstars share their most embarrassing stories

en se article pornstars share their most embarrassing stories

When you have sex for a living, occasional there are accidents. Porn stars share some of their most harrowing stories about sexual adventures gone wrong. I was so embarrassed and must have looked so guilty. I mumbled. 22 Industry Insiders And Pornstars Tell The Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Most ' porn squirting' (the kind where there are big gushes) is actually piss. I can't confirm or deny the woman's story but I've passed the information on well all i can say is right on. the article here covers parts of the biz i have. This has its embarrassing side, since I now know just how many of my erudite, educated friends enjoy reading about celebrities and porn stars. What's more, you don't even leave Facebook to do it. “Like” and “Recommend,” the verbs usually associated with sharing articles on Facebook, imply some kind of endorsement.