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Jim harbaughs guide to dating

jim harbaughs guide to dating

JIM HARBAUGH'S GUIDE TO DATING - Every Day Should Be Saturday. Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh's year-old son, Jay, is not only an assistant for the Wolverines, but is dating a smoking hot. Satire JIM HARBAUGH'S GUIDE TO DATING Somewhere a Wolverine is gonna use this guide and get a restraining order. permalink; embed. Jim Harbaugh's son Jay is dating Miami girl Brhitney Decamps, a very good- looking flight attendant who used to live in South Florida. HAPPY MOO YEAR @edsbs 19 Jan Jim Harbaugh's Guide to Dating is full of forceful ways to compete and win and dominate. Q: I'm dating a girl. We've been going out for six months now, and I feel like we're getting along great except for one thing: I can't stand the way. jim harbaughs guide to dating