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Pregnancy fertility abbreviations acronyms

pregnancy fertility abbreviations acronyms

BA, Baby Aspirin. BBT, Basal Body Temperature. BCP, Birth Control Pills. BD, Baby Dance (sex). Beta, HCG pregnancy test. BFN, Big Fat Negative. BFP, Big Fat. The following abbreviations and acronyms are frequently used on online support Measures levels of the hormone hcG which are produced in pregnancy. Our complete guide to fertility and conception abbreviations and acronyms has the lowdown. BFP, Big fat positive (positive result on a pregnancy test). Our complete list of pregnancy and fertility acronyms and abbreviations are widely used in forums and pregnancy and TTC communities. I am in the process of adding an Infertility page to my website! This post will help you understand infertility abbreviations & acronyms. BD = Baby Dust (good wishes for conception/ pregnancy) BDAD = Birth Dad. Fertility Cycle and Menstrual Cycle Abbreviations and Acronyms: AF, AO, BA, BBT = Basal Body Temperature; BCP = Birth Control Pills; BD = Baby Dance.


The Differences Between Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initialisms! pregnancy fertility abbreviations acronyms